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Best Christmas Gifts For: Your Work From Home BFF! 🎁

With Christmas right around the corner I find myself slamming "add to cart" more than usual. I have found some great things that make my home office run smoothly and I know will help your girlfriends too (and maybe you too 😉).

Below are some of my favorite gifts for all of my small business girlfriends!

Click on each of the images to get yours! 👇🏼

We can all admit working from home is not the most glamorous.

Gift these 9 essentials this year and charm your office team, bosses and employees. All the best gears and fun-to-have items that they may need to turn their home into a workspace.

If you are anything like me, you cannot be functional unless your space is life giving and peaceful!

Check out my favorite diffuser to create a restful and soothing environment all throughout my work day.

It is impossible to be successful if your body is not preforming at its highest.

These multi-purpose ComfiLife footrest provides pain relief and support for back, hip, legs, knees & feet especially if you are working or sitting at a desk most hours of the day.

Are diffusers not your thing? No worries! This candle is the perfect, and funniest gift, your girlfriend will get this Christmas!

Everyone will appreciate the humor and quality of this candle and will think of you as long as it burns.

Staring at a screen all day is pretty draining but with these blue light blocking glasses you can alleviate visual fatigue and discomfort.

If these colors aren't lighting your fire 🔥then click on the image and check out all the frames they have available!

Still Zooming? Gift this tool to any girlfriends looking a little shadowy in Zoom! LED video conference light features 6 levels brightness and 3 color temperatures and easily clips right to your laptop for easy setup!

Nobody likes a cold coffee that is supposed to warm you up in the winter. Look no further to keep your mug at the perfect temperature all day in your cozy office. ☕️

Customize the temperature in one-degree increments and clearly view the temperature on the LCD display. The memory function remembers your previous temperature before powering off, so there’s no need to reset the temperature every time!

Can label makers be boring? Absolutely. Is this one? No way!!

It can print continuously for 4 hours, and it can be used for 3 months on a single charge 🤯 The APP NIIMBOT contains various texts, graphic symbols so you can label any file or cord in your office on your phone! The lightweight, handheld label maker uses wireless technology to design and print pre-designed or custom labels up to 15mm (~0.6 inches) wide.

We all have a friend that seems to never drink an ounce of water. Gift this and help them get their water in and have fun while doing it! The perfect bottle to accompany your long day at the desk.

If pink isn't your color, click on the image and find all the AMAZING colors they offer!

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