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The 10 Best Tools for Your At-Home Office 🖥

There is truly nothing more that excites me than new office tools that make my work life easier. Whether I am on the go or hunkered in for a long day of work, I need the best supplies to keep me on the #workgrind.

Allow me to take you through some of my favorites for a busy day of work in and/or out of my office!

Click on any of the images/titles to buy your office essential!

This professional and practical daypack has carried me through many projects. It conveniently fits both my Macbook Air and Ipad with ample room left. My top work tool to keep all my essentials in one place and ready to take to a meeting or my local coffee shop.

I LOVE this ring light! It is my favorite tool to shoot videos in my office, setup for Zoom meetings, or just take a really good #selfie. The 3 color lighting modes help illuminate you however you please. It can shrink down to stand on your desk and provide some killer lighting or stand 63 inches tall. It really does the most and can hold your phone in the center of the ring or on the tripod stand to fit with whatever you are shooting. BONUS: The bluetooth remote works with your phone to click pictures from across the room.

This desk allows you to work longer and stretch out when you need to! The height adjusts from 28.6" to 48.2" to work while comfortably sitting or efficiently standing. AND standing allows you to stay active and healthy while working from home. The work surface measures 48"x 24" leaving room for office supplies and brainstorming.

This is the best way I store all my stationary, papers, notebooks, books and anything else you can imagine! It rolls around my office and easily slides wherever I need it to hide. Coming in 5 different colors, this cart will match whatever aesthetic your office fits.

No shredder? No worries!! This is my go to when marking out any throw away work mail or prescription bottles. It's encrypted pattern, in combination with oil based ink, penetrates non-glossy papers so personal information cannot be seen at the front OR back!

If you are paranoid throwing confidential things in the trash, this one's for you!

A bad pen can ruin your day and that is not gonna fly in my office. That is where these bad boys come in. My favorite pens ever that glide on paper better than you could imagine. I have one of these on me at all times and you can order ink refills when these run out!

These are also some writing tools that I will swear by. They are the most aesthetically pleasing for the best office organization. I am a threat to color code and fair warning, these do not help that addiction!

If you are anything like me, I used to keep my passwords all over my office on sticky notes. Keep all your passwords in one place with the Clever Fox Password Book designed to be anonymous for safekeeping. AND there are tabs so it will keep you organized!

Never battle your phone sliding all around your desk again and getting lost in your work. This tool allows you to prop your phone vertical or horizontal. Sticking wherever is best for you this stand is compatible with both Iphone and Android.

This organizer holds all the essentials, notebooks to paperclips, in 9 different compartments. Not only is the acrylic design sleek but also sturdy. Make your space more efficient with less clutter and all your important items in one place.

That concludes my 10 Office faves! They are the things that keep me running for my small business. Check out more #smallbusinesstips at the Sassy Stickers Blog!

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