Gifting Sassy Stickers

Print this Postcard or save the image to promo your Sassy Stickers Gift!

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Do you love Sassy Stickers so much that you want to gift the service? Need a prize for a contest? Keep reading!


Since Sassy Stickers is a monthly subscription plan when you gift the service you are gifting someone the first month for free!


I will send you an invoice and it will be $5 for each person that you want to gift it to (if you are simply gifting the Sassy Basic plan). Then I will send an email to each person on the day that you want to gift it explaining that they have one month free!


They will then be able to sign up for Sassy Stickers with their first month at no cost to them.

If you would like to gift another plan other than the Sassy Basic Plan please indicate that in the form below.

I want to gift Sassy Stickers!
Choose the plan you want to gift below:

Thanks for reaching out! I will be in contact with you soon.

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