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EVERYDAY is a Holiday 🥳: Leveraging everyday to connect with your customers in 2023

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Did you know that there is a unique holiday every day of the year waiting to be celebrated!? That's right! 🤪

Sassy has you covered and is sharing all the fun holidays that you can use as a foundation to your marketing efforts in your small business. You can plan launches around these holidays or run sales in celebration! 🎉

Note that Sassy has included both days worthy of celebration and what monthly celebrations are happening.

This is a FUN no pressure resource so... plan big or small!

  • Gargantuan: A whole new business launch or new sector of your business with a party to celebrate

  • Big: Launching a new line in your business

  • Small: Having a sale to celebrate National ___ Day

  • Fun Size: Post on Instagram and Facebook to celebrate

This is meant to bring joy into each and every day both personally and professionally. 🤩

Print your very own calendar below and reference it throughout the year for FREE! 🤯

Sassy Holidays Calendar
Download PDF • 7.69MB

Click on the image below to learn how you can have access to 200+ Sassy Sticker and Postcard prints NOW! 🤯

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