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Why Stickers On Packages Will Change Your Life (and Others)

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

What was the best thing about running to get the mail as a kid? The potential for colorful and vibrant packages that might be so beautifully addressed to you! I remember when I

was a kid the excitement that came with running to get the mail and the possibility of being able to retrieve something fun.

As adults this is still true! There are few things more uplifting than getting a giant pink bubble mailer to soften the blow of bills and reminders about your next gyno appointment.

One of the first things I can remember my mom teaching me in her own business was the importance of sending mail to women and making them feel special. She only sent fun and colorful mail to clients and coworkers and it truly made a difference each and every stack of mail.

The dream is to make someone's day by doing the little things. Making mail fun again. Making people feel special. But if we are all honest with each other, it has to be time and cost effective. Where is the marriage between fun for my clients and coworkers while being fun for my wallet and schedule?

Thats where Sassy Stickers comes in. We do all the thinking, branding, creating for you. We make it easy to have exactly what you need exactly when you are sending your mail out.

Learn more about how you can get Sassy and start making your girlfriends days at

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