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Discover the Secret to Building Lasting Connections with Your Customers 👀


One woman has a great connection with her customers and one fails. Why? What is she doing that I'm not?

Addie here with some inspo today,

You're in your office selling product (that you love!) per usual. Packaging products in some boring bleh colored mailers stuffed with a postcard that you have to use because you bought a pack of 50 and, to top it all off, an outdated sticker gracing the outside. 🙄

You're saying: "This is the best that I have so I'm rolling with it" as you cringe a little inside. As a result of this bleh bland packaging you aren't authentically connecting with your customers.

✨ Let's face it girl, you are FAR from bleh bland!

Packaging is an extension of you and how people experience your business so it needs to reflect all the amazingness in you.

I grew up in a pink frilly office and watched for years as my mom sent out "cute" packages... but if we were honest it was a "lipstick on a pig" situation. Girlfriend was doing the best she could with the packaging available (and that's when she was able to get it shipped to her).  Can you relate? 💋

When I knew that her and SO many other women didn't feel confident strutting in the post office knowing her packages weren't reflecting her I had to change that. I had a mind blowing, new, and pretty unconventional solution that would rock some worlds.

Here's the problem, in the iffy chance that you are able to get your packaging materials and business collateral in a reasonable amount of time (or at all?!), it doesn't reflect you. And your customers have been seeing the same old same old for YEARS. 

You know that you could do BIG things in your business through authentic connection. But can't seem to manageably do this?

Guess what... I have the exact thing that will allow you to have authentic connection with customers easier than you could ever imagine! 🤩  

One of my amazing clients, Rachael Bullock said "My favorite part of Sassy is the wide variety of adorable stickers that make my packages stand out and my customers/consultants feel so special. Sassy Stickers really elevates my service and professionalism"

Do you want to FINALLY feel like Rachael?! Want to feel like that one woman who has a great connection with her customers? 🥳

Here is what you can do right now. Watch the video below to see how I took her from blah to beautifully branded. 

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