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Why Stickers Are More Important Than Your Morning Coffee Run ☕️

Listen, I like Starbucks just as much as the next girl. The flavored syrups, earning stars, the warm shots of espresso, it's all just magical. But... the dent in your wallet is not.

According to, the average starbucks coffee is $3.15 and most customers are there about 6-16 times in a single month. Crunch the numbers quick and you are looking at $18 - $50 spent a month on coffee.

Now I won't get into the nitty gritty of personal finance but I will mention the long term value that a morning coffee run (versus your at home brew) is potentially not providing for your business.

The $20 or so that you spend on coffee every month is so momentary. It lasts for a few hours and adds one more stop to your already crazy day.

The question here is what could I spend my money on that would provide exponential benefits to my own small business?

I have just the answer for you. Something that is easy for you to maintain and makes you look SO impressive to all your customers. Every time your clients receive a package from you they will gush and their day will become that much brighter.

The answer is custom and personal packaging. Nothing that breaks the bank for you but still makes your clients feel loved.

Find out how you can do just this for less than your coffee runs every month at


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